THE WORD                                                    (See also our Sermons web-page)                                                     

Rev. Shade Adeyemi brings us                                  God's Word this Sunday                                              22 May 2022

BIBLE READING                                                  Sunday- 22 May 2022
Read 1 Corinthians                                             chap. 15. v.12-21.

12 But it is preached that Christ                                      has been raised from the dead,                                how can some of you say that                                   there is no resurrection                                          of the dead? 

21. ...                                                                                         

Join us in PRAYER WAVE                                     this Thursday to petition God                                    for his hand and direction  in                            
all efforts to stem prevalence                                                         of street violence and crime in                                      our communities.                                                                                                                                                  

We look forward to having                                                 Philip at the Lectern next Sunday                      
22nd May 2022.