About us

Norbury Baptist Church is made up of people from many different backgrounds and cultures who want to learn more about Jesus Christ and what it means to follow him. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey we hope we can support and encourage you. Here are some frequently asked questions

What should I wear when I come to your church? Anything you like and feel comfortable in. There’s no need to wear your best clothes or even anything remotely stylish. In the summer, some in our congregation wear socks and sandals – and you can’t get much worse than that!

How early should I arrive? We’d love to say that we start at 10.30am sharp but that would be wholly untrue! Some of us don’t have a great reputation for being on time. Try and get here for 10.25 and that will give you a chance to grab a decent seat.

Where can I sit? Anywhere you like. Just like in musical chairs, if there’s an empty seat you can sit in it. But don’t worry, we won’t start taking chairs away when the music is playing!

My children can get really noisy, can I bring them? Please do. We can guarantee they aren’t as loud as some of our adults! We love it when people express themselves exuberantly in their worship of God – noisy children will fit right in! We also have a creche for babies and toddlers, groups for primary school age children and for those who are older.

Do I need to bring a Bible? If you have one, great, it will help you to follow the preaching. Don’t worry if you’ve left yours at home as there are Bibles under the chairs.

Is there anywhere to park? Yes. The church building is in a residential area and the roads nearby are ‘parking bay free’ and ‘meter free’. Watch out for various yellow lines though!

Are there toilets? Yes. We have male, female and accessible – all with hot air hand driers. What more could you want?

Are the tea, coffee, biscuits and cake free? Yes, but you may have to fight off the children when there’s cake!

Why is a plate of money being passed around? This is the collection. We are a self-supporfting church, so if you would like to give then please put your money in the bag. You don’t have to put anything in – but please don’t take any out!

Do I have to join in with the singing? No. We hope that you will join in when you feel comfortable. The words to the songs are projected onto a screen at the front of the church. Singing in tune is optional.